room full of dogsE is for ENVIRONMENT! This means that Mum and her pups need to be in the centre of a loving family with the puppies provided with opportunities to engage in normal social, mental and physical activities. Puppy farms and barren environments, such as sheds and outhouses do not provide an enriched environment or positive experiences for dog parents and their puppies.

WHY? The first environmental factor that will determine a puppy’s temperament is whether his Mum is a nice confident pet in a happy home. Puppies which experience a range of positive experiences will be better equipped for life in our human world. Therefore, a breeder’s role is vital for the development of a well-adjusted dog.

Sad Dog

Mum’s ENVIRONMENT should not subject her to physical or mental stress. Puppies born to distressed Mum’s will be subjected to stress hormones during pregnancy. Prenatal exposure can set puppies up to develop abnormal brain chemistry that can lead to fear, anxiety and even aggression–emotional damage therefore, is done before the puppy was even born.

A good breeder will provide a loving home and an enriching environment to the Mum and her puppies.

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